If We Were Birds

Fabulously written, fabulously interpreted.

Purposely destroying innocence or happiness for self blood-pleasure should be a crime. Because it is a crime.

This play is extremely strong, yet entertainingly displayed. The words and the destructive actions described   are to the utmost powerful while the manner in which the outrageous manners are depicted and brought to the consciousness of the public is smoothly chewed up.

Everything in If We Were Birds is simple and effective. From the set to the images used, and the setting in Ancient Greece.

Almost religious and jazzy
All actresses and actors are great in their respective roles, especially so the young girl played by Amella Sargisson who masters the expression and feelings of skin dirt and desperation, the cries and finally the acted upon idea to get herself out of the abusive situation. ''It's my blood'', he claims screamingly while locking her up in order to leave her no way for her cries to be heard. You can't help but think of so many women locked up in so many ways that are left totally uncared about by male-driven worlds, be they religious or other blood-ridden variables. The five-women chorus - each representing different daily life or male war abuse situations - is jazzy in beat, nature and sound.

Extremely well done!

If We Were Birds is currently playing at the Montreal Centaur Theatre. Here are the details:

If We Were Birds
An Imago Theatre production, Centaur Theatre’s Brave New Looks selection for 2013

At Centaur Theatre, October 9-19

453 St. François-Xavier, Montreal
Wednesday to Saturday at 8:30 pm,
Saturday and Sunday matinee at 2:30pm

There will be a talkback after each performance.

All matinees, October 12, 13 and 19, are pay-what-you-can (Suggested donation $10)
: $25, $18 (students/seniors/Centaur subscribers/artists)

Box Office: 
514 288-3161 or online: 

All above photos by 
Tristan Brand.

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