Billy (The Days of Howling)

Why is Talisman Theatre’s Artistic Director and Set Designer, Lyne Paquette, washing 2000 white teddy bears…?

Come see Billy (The Days of Howling) and find out!

Billy (The Days of Howling)
Written by Fabien Cloutier, Translated by Nadine Desrochers
Directed by Emma Tibaldo

Mark these dates in your fall calendar
Tuesday, October 14- Saturday, October 25, 2014

With Billy (The Days of Howling), Fabien Cloutier releases a tsunami of anger built entirely on prejudices, stereotypes and our ignorance of others. Three characters, who view each other as lesser or wanting, are confronted by the repercussions of unforgiving judgments. Billy (The Days of Howling) makes us reflect on our vision of community and strives to uncover why we are unable to really engage with one another.

With: Davide Chiazzese, Susan Glover and Nadia Verrucci
Set design, Lyne Paquette and Fruzsina Lanyi; costume design, Fruzsina Lanyi; lighting design, David Perrault Ninacs; sound design, Michael Leon

Billy (The Days of Howling)

Talisman Theatre at Théâtre La Chapelle
3700 rue St. Dominique
Tuesday to Saturday at 8:00 pm
Matinee: Saturday, October 25 at 3:00pm
Reservations: 514 843-7738, billetterie@lachapelle.org


Talisman Theatre produces English-language Montreal premières of contemporary Québécois works.

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