CCA 25 Years

The CCA is 25 years old! It's been a centre for exhibitions out of the ordinary as well as for eye- and mind-opening conferences and research.

In a world where submission seems to be the only rule of conduct and obedience, this place is a wonderful resource. Thank you for standing guard and helping those-of-us-who-want-to-know better understand the world which we live in. More : scroll for the video link.

Phyllis Lambert, Founding Director Emeritus
Interview with Mirko Zardini, Director of the Canadian Centre for Architecture regarding the events surrounding the 25th anniversary of the CCA as well as ongoing activities such as the Mellon Conferences and particularly the one from last week entitled Smart Cities where French Harvard Professor Antoine Picon gave a lecture in which he disclosed that just a few individuals could soon be making all decisions for all cities of the world with the help of just a few programs out of Silicon Valley. Looking forward to more outstanding exhibitions and mind-opening lecturers this anniversary year and onward.

Video and Interview : Jacqueline Mallette


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