Wonderful Kathleen Turner

Tonight was the tribute to Kathleen Turner at the Montreal World Film Festival. Michael Douglas and Danny De Vito as well as Kirk Douglas and Kathleen Turner's daughter were present, either in person or on video.

Movie scenes were selected for the occasion, from some of her best movies including The War of the Roses and Body Heat.

Kathleen Turner at the Montreal World Film Festival Tribute
Photo Jacqueline Mallette
Kathleen Turner is a wonderful actress, still working and still in demand. Still adored, loved and appreciated by her public.Still chic on stage: all those stitches from her own stunts are long gone, her performances are the best.

Kathleen Turner has also been an activist for over 26 years in some cases, and she believes women's health is most important for the world's health at large. Watch this video from Kathleen Turner at the Montreal World Film Festival press conference and the second video from the tribute at the Imperial Cinema (Videos Jacqueline Mallette):

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