Don't Lose your Sense of Humour

Women's Rights News
It's not funny!

Replying ''Don't lose your sense of humour'' when you've insulted someone doesn't turn your insult into a joke.

We also need feminism institutions that hold a clear mandate. Either you work for women or you work for lesbians in cooperation with LGTB. Either you work for women's rights or you work for lesbians' rights. If you think you work for both you gotta realise that you've got a double role, and that one role can interfere with the other. In French human rights are called man rights. So in fact man rights include woman rights. French can be so manly and so counterproductive.

In French the overall swear word for FUCK is PUTAIN=whore. It replaced MERDE=SHIT. It's everywhere in movies, literature, music, dayly talk... You name it. And whether the whores are male or female IT'S WRONG. And it's NOT FUNNY.

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