The Montréal château originally built and owned by Claude de Ramezay would have given way to an autoroute and a two-story parking. But thanks to the Antiquarian and Numismatic Society of Montréal (ANSM) / Société d’archéologie et de numismatique de Montréal, the site - and especially building - was saved from destruction.

To this day, the ANSM continues to ensure the conservation, interpretation and dissemination of our heritage through exhibitions, activities and educational programs presented at Château Ramezay. The 150th anniversary of the Society is an opportunity to highlight the work accomplished by past Montrealers and to pay tribute to all those who have been committed to our institution.

Starting with a recent and successful wine tasting fundraiser the Museum announces lots of events this summer. 

. Free outdoor exhibitions
. Seminar Justice, Order and Vengeance in the XVIIIth Century
. Open House Weekend
. Achievement Awards
. Exhibition and Sale of Françoise Pascals' Art
. The Antiquarian and Numismatic Society of Montréal's 150th Anniversary Ball

Details and more information : www.chateauramezay.qc.ca under the tab “150th anniversary”.

The Château Ramezay – Historic Site and Museum of Montréal is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and ensure access to a collection devoted to the history of Montréal and Québec. The Château is the first building to have been classified a historic monument and the oldest private history museum in Québec.

French and photos : Le château Ramezay

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