Online Petition About Quebec so-called Justice: Please sign and Invite your friends

The following texte was copied from the Petition page :

In Québec, criminals seem to benefit more from rights and help than do their victims!! Isn't it about time that this changes!! I have recently became friends with women on Facebook who have inspired me to create this cause …they are presently taking steps to have certain Quebec laws modified in order to offer better protection to the victims, especially children victim of aggression and their families. All of Quebec is aware of the story of Guy Turcotte, the ex-cardiologist who was judged not criminally responsible for the slaying of his two young children, stabbing them 46 times, on February 20th, 2009 in Piedmont. Since September, he has been granted unsupervised outings, between 8 and 16 hours per day and is permitted to stay out overnight when lodged by family members. This coming December, the ex-cardiologist may even find himself completely free… the Crown prosecutor has appealed the verdict and asked that Turcotte be retried, arguing that the ex-cardiologist can not be judged 'not criminally responsible' for the simple reason that he voluntarily intoxicated himself before committing his crime. The Appeals Court must decide whether or not a new trial is necessary in early 2013. It is time for us, as a moral society to stand together and have our voices heard. Offer support to these women who are fighting to have the laws of our so-called "Justice System" modified in order to give justice to the victims and stop protecting the criminals. Please sign this petition saying that we want change in our penal system. Yes, we want a retrial for Guy Turcotte…we want justice for these two poor children, Anne-Sophie(3yrs) and Olivier(5yrs), who will never have the chance to grow.

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