MOVIE DVD - Claude Lelouch - What Love May Bring

Movie Director and Producer Claude Lelouch who is currently distributing Geoffry Enthoven's HASTA LAVISTA - COME AS YOU ARE never stops making wonderful love stories. The most recent, entitled in French CES AMOURS-LÀ - in English What Love May Bring is actually a recap of his 50 years of translating love stories into movies. Dedicated to his seven children this film brings back wonderful memories as well as horrible WWII war scenes from 1939-45. But at the end of the day it's a single kiss that initiated the spark. The sound is also a mix of bombs and music. Quite the movie about a woman who sets love as her top priority even though she might end up getting lynched for it! Don't miss this oportunity - a true life movie.

French :  DVD CINÉMA : Lelouch - CES AMOURS-LÀ
« Et c'est peut-être grâce à ce baiser que pendant les cinquante années qui vont suivre, je filmerai tant d'histoires d'amour. »

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