DVD Animated The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

''The tournament's starting!''
''You have lost, Sire!''

No, Not Once Upon A Time
After the tournament a merchant stops at the King's castle full of musical instruments for a cute young one who can't sing but loves music... The Smurfs and the Magic Flute is set in the Middle Ages.

''Have you seen it? It's only got 6 holes... And here it goes!'' says the King.

The merchant may have left the flute behind and the King may have thrown it in the fire... William will find it nevertheless and it'll cause trouble!

The Flute - It's Magical!
The flute only plays one tune but it has a magic trick associated with it: it makes people dance and dance and dance unwillingly and uncontrollingly when it is played. ''It's witchcraft!'' they say.

''Someone's stolen my flute''
William of course is having a wonderful time with his new toy and the feeling of power it gives him but he doesn't know that some villain has his eyes on this overwhelming flute with ideas of his own for what to do with such a fancy weapon. And poor William will be fooled. And so the inhabitants of the kingdom will be robbed of everything they own until the SMURFS come along and get their flute back.

This animated film is adapted from the comic book of the same name, from the Johan and Peewit collection. The joyful blue characters' fantasy-filled stories will enchant children and adults alike. A great fun-filled adventure for the whole family!

This DVD is available at Imavision.com or in stores, and it can be watched in either  English or French - just choose the language from the disk menu.

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