DVD - Black Hands - Trial of the Arsonist Slave

NOW on DVD - the captivating story of Montreal's Female Black Slave under the French Regime. In those days neither blacks nor women were considered as people. Nowadays with regards to women (I can't speak for black people) I know for a fact that things have not necessarily changed in all men's minds. And it's only been getting worse in the past few years.

Black Hands - Trial of the Arsonist Slave . Documentary Movie

After being viewed around the world at prestigious film festivals (Montréal, New York, Chicago, Paris, Ouagadougou, Rouyn-Noranda, Toronto, etc.) and taking home the Dikola Award for Best Documentary at the International PanAfrican Film Festival in Cannes, this documentary is now in stores and on iTunes.

Marie-Joseph-Angelique, 29, is beautiful, playful, rebellious and very outspoken against her slave status. In 1734, a major fire destroys a third of Montréal. Angelique is arrested as the main suspect of this crime. An epic trial follows where a long line of witnesses, of all social status, testifies. Her outspoken personality has turned many against her and the slavery system of the time had already condemned her. And so, she is found guilty solely based on rumors and without actual proof. She is tortured, hung and burned to ashes, which were scatted near Place d’Youville.
This passionate story is told through interviews with historians and theatre re-enactments filmed in the same style as Dogville by Lars Von Trier. Black Hands reveals once and for all who was the true perpetrator of the great fire of Montreal.

The Director
Tetchena Bellange graduated with a Degree in Cinema from the University of Montreal. In 2010, she directed the documentary “Doctors Without Residencies” produced by the National Film Board of Canada, which explores the mechanism that prevents several foreign-trained doctors from practicing medicine in Quebec, Canada. This film was #1 on the NFB’s website for several weeks. Tetchena has previously written and directed short films that toured several festivals, including “Echos” (with Janine Sutto and Richard Robitaille, nominated for Best Film at the Niagara Film Festival). Passionate about the art of storytelling, Tetchena is also an accomplished actress. She has acted in several movies and TV series including: “The Day After Tomorrow”, “A Cargo to Africa” and “Rumors”. She recently nabbed a role in the feature film “On The Road”, opposite Oscar nominee Terrence Howard, and also 8 episodes on «30 Vies», where she played a distraught mother.

Black Hands- Trial of the Arsonist Slave
52 minutes, in French with English subtitles
DVD includes bonus videos: interviews with historians and artists

French Article : Marie-Josèphe-Angélique, esclave noire Montréalaise sous le régime Français - Back in those days women and blacks were not legally considered as people.

Web Site : www.blackhandsfilm.com

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